Python Application
Performance Monitoring

This is the only Python application monitoring in Korea that monitors web framework, server and batch at once. You can track DB Query, external calls to find out where the calls are being delayed. If you want to track data for a specific transaction other than http or https, you can monitor specific methods.

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Support platform

Python version
  • 2.7 & 3.3 +
Operating system
  • CentOS/Redhat 6.x (64bit) +
  • Debian/Ubuntu 14.x (64bit) +
  • External call : HttpLib, Requests, Urllib
  • DB : MySQL, PostgreSQL
Application server
  • Django, Bottle, CherryPy, Flask, Tornado

WhaTap supports,
various app servers based on WSGI.

  • django


  • bottle


  • flask


  • cherrypy


  • tornado


Set it up quickly and easily in less than five minutes.

SaaS-based monitoring services can introduce monitoring quickly and easily. In particular, you do not need to install a monitoring collection server and an API server, and you can monitor the service simply by installing the agent on the production server. Because remote support is available, you can support in real time by professional operation personnel.

  • Sign up
  • Create a project and get a license
  • Installing the Agent
  • Restart Service
  • After 5 seconds, check data