WhaTap-Kubernetes from a Powerful Application Monitoring Perspective.

\WhaTap Kubernetes Monitoring integrates resource production and transaction information from all containers to ensure operational quality and quickly resolve issues.

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Manage resources of containers with various dashboards.

  • Container Resource
  • Node Resources
  • Application
  • Topology
  • The desired metrics of a container can also be monitored selectively, and time series trends for container metrics classified by type.
  • With its server monitoring experience, it also monitors resource usage in Node in real time.
  • It provides monitoring in container group units, enabling monitoring in the same set of features, such as ReplicaSet.
  • Choose only the information you want from the topology about the relationship between component types in the container orchestration tool.

WhaTap Kubernetes Monitoring?

Identify correlation at once

Monitor Host, Container and Application together to resolve 'Root Cause Analysis'

Analyze call relationships by service in MSA

Tracks the API call relationships of transactions in a distributed application environment in POD units.

Kubernets-based integrated monitoring

Integrated monitoring of systems based on Kubernets, with support for multi-cloud and hybrid clouds.

Manage event alerts as one channel

Provides a single notification system for large amounts of events that occur in a container group of containers.

Support platform

  • bare_metal

    Bare Metal

  • gke


  • eks


  • aks


  • openshift


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  • Installing the Agent
  • Restart Service
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