Introducing WhaTap

WhaTap is a 'integrated monitoring solution' that monitors the performance of your server systems and applications (Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, .NET) and your database. Cloud service environments are often served with a mix of multilingual applications, increasing server complexity. To effectively address these features, we have configured our product lineup with infrastructure monitoring, language-specific application monitoring, and database monitoring, and three products are designed to work in the same architecture.

Relationship between service life cycle and monitoring

For service development, testing, and service opening, check performance with Database Monitoring and Application Monitoring. In the Service Stabilization phase(Stable), the service is managed by Server Monitoring. These three enable us to maximize our service performance and operate our service reliably.

Architecture for Integrated Monitoring

The WhaTap monitoring solution consists of an agent and a collection server. Although Application Monitoring, Database Monitoring, and Server Monitoring have separate agents depending on the platform, they can be integrated into a single product with a single collection server for data management.

- Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, .NET, Database, Server
  • IP-based user tracking
  • SESSIONID-based user tracking
  • Custom header-based user tracking
  • Normalize transaction URL patterns
  • Register transaction URL pattern
  • Agent Down Detection
  • Specifying profile hooking patterns
  • SQL call stack profiling
  • HTTP call stack profiling
  • SQL parameter collection (encrypted based)
  • HTTP parameter collection (encrypted based)
- Yard
  • Data collection server
  • Structure that collects data from Proxy Server and scales out according to data capacity.
- Web Front
  • Web Service Server
  • The server that users connect to, allowing multiple users(ㅡanager, developer, and business manager) to connect at the same time.

Scalable & Stable Collection Server Architecture

The most fundamental to integrated monitoring is the scalability of the server. Monitoring servers must have internal scalability to accommodate the growing number of managed (monitoring) target servers. To ensure scalability, the Wattab monitoring server consists of granular, lightweight server applications, and is a distributed environment with low coupling. It also supports redundancy and data recovery to ensure data reliability.

  • No additional firewall action required as agent grows after proxy server's signature IP firewall settings.
  • Server via the Gateway server data was collected separately, as front No firewall with the server, work required.
  • Agent looks at Proxy server's representative IP, so there is no change in agent-level agent when expanding collection server (Yard).
  • Proxy can be configured as a single or redundant or triple-configured for reliability.

Consolidate and manage monitoring targets.

The primary purpose of the WhaTap monitoring service is to share resources (human and physical). Existing products need to have separate collection servers and web screens for each monitoring target. However, WhaTab monitoring service is a structure that shares the collection server, while preserving the independence of each service. To achieve integrated management, the monitoring server must be a flexible scale and must provide multi-tenant capabilities.

Other On-premises
  • For each collection server, perform a separate firewall operation.
  • Requires large number of operational staff
WhaTab SaaS Monitoring
  • Only firewalls enter the representative IP of the integrated collection server.
  • Minimize operational resources
  • Minimize management points

Multi-tenant, independent but fully collaborative.

WhaTap enables development teams to use monitoring independently, and operations teams to monitor it in a unified way. One monitoring product is used, but team-specific/business-specific independence is guaranteed and can be integrated and controlled by central administrators. The central operations manager does not directly manage the rights of the development team project, but rather the owner of each development team project manages the rights.

  • The same monitoring product is available to the development and operations teams.

Multi-region enables integrated monitoring across geographies.

Whenever a multi-zone or revision occurs, only the collection server is installed and multiple legacy servers are integrated from a single monitoring screen. You can monitor group affiliates from a single screen.

  • WhaTap monitoring extends the collection server without data loss/downtime, with just the previous deployment of additional IDC centers / additional cloud platforms.

Data encryption

Agents and servers use binary-based communication protocols. It also selectively encrypts data to ensure data security while reducing the burden of encryption. The firewall for Region's representative address must be opened on the server being monitored.

Supports On-premises.

If you have deployed an existing On-Premises monitoring solution, you need to understand and analyze the situation directly from the customer. If the analysis is difficult, ask an external performance consultant to perform the analysis and spend additional time and money. However, we provide a collaborative service with a performance analysis team to accurately diagnose your system.

Supports mobile apps.

  • Mobile is not supported in On-premises.

Desktop software and mobile apps enable easy monitoring on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone, anytime, anywhere. Push notification, minimal use of data and batteries.

  • Desktop
    - Web
    • Supports Chrome, Fire Fox, and Internet Explorer 9+
  • Mobile
    - Android(Phone, Tablet)
    • Supports a variety of mobile devices based on Android OS 4.0.3+
    - iOS(iPhone, iPad)
    • Supports iOS 8.0+