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WhaTap URL monitoring

How do you manage all the sites you have?
Please Enter the URL. WhaTap URL Monitoring service takes care of it.

Simple URL registration and free monitoring

All the functions of the WhaTap URL monitoring service are provided for free up to 10 URLs. (Excluding SMS text messages) Subscribe project for 11 or more URLs.

Automatic Site Check

WhaTap URL Monitoring checks website availability from the perspective of end users.


global url check
Global service URL check

You can select and monitor service areas such as North America, Europe, and Asia.

free url monitoring
Free service

All functions of WhaTap URL monitoring service are provided for free up to 10 URLs.

site status check
Site availability check

Check access availability of end users by real-time HTTP status code.

site status check detail
Site performance check in various regions

Check the time to access the site from servers located in Seoul, Tokyo, etc.

url event setting
Notification setting per each URL

WhaTap URL monitoring provides notification channels using Email, Mobile Push and 3rd-party.

WhaTap service integrated dashboard configuration

You can organize dashboard along with other services in WhaTap such as servers, applications, databases, etc.

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