• 3 reasons Developers
    need to monitoring now

    • Cost reduction
    • Obstacle Solution
    • Performance optimization
    • Reduced from 200 servers to 100 servers
      In case of Enterprise A, Reduced infrastructure costs by reducing more than 100 cloud servers through server monitoring
    • Down time 5 hours and 10 minutes VS 10 minutes
      How do you solve a problem that invisible obstacles? Monitoring becomes a tool to reduce obstacles.
    • Is your database healthy?
      Monitoring can be used to optimize database performance by improving bad indexes and queries.
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  • WhaTab-Server shows real-time, without distortion.

    The know-how of the best monitoring professional development teams minimizes CPU usage and pinpoint the instantaneous rise in resources and obstacles over other monitoring products in the one-minute cycle.

    WhaTap-Application helps you find out everything.

    With WhaTap's proprietary technology, called the 'Active Stack', it provides improvement points to locate the source of problems in hidden areas that were not found in other products.

    WhaTap-Kubernetes from a Powerful Application Monitoring Perspective.

    WhaTap Kubernetes Monitoring integrates resource production and transaction information from all containers to ensure operational quality and quickly resolve issues.

    Ready-to-install Whatap database monitoring
    without database installation.

    By monitoring the performance of the database in real time, and diagnosing and analyzing the problem, you can tune and apply the SQL in question to see if the problem has been solved.

    Check the status of your website
    for free URL monitoring.

    How do you check many sites that are operating the service? Please enter URL only. WhaTap URL monitoring service will take care of this.

    Why many people love WhaTap

    We have a variety of solutions to give more customers the perfect experience.

    Easily monitor
    with mobile apps

    • Support APM
    • Various platforms
    • Intuitive UI
    • Check failures
    • Application Monitoring is also available in mobile.
    • We supports Windows, Linux to the Web, and the cloud.
    • Provides a mobile optimized UI that enables quick and easy server visibility.
    • Early morning disturbances can be checked mobile with push notification.

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