Real-time Observability Platform, WhaTap

Pay less, see more.

Real-time Observability Platform, WhaTap

Pay less,
see more.



All-in-one Kubernetes monitoring from container to application
Target grouping

Deliver monitoring visibility from different perspectives and form groups into desired options.


Provide various property information from container pod condition to CPU, memory, and network.


Select a specific target in the container map and view metrics, traces, and log summary information on one screen.

Look up the past status

Time travel to a specific point in the past with a single click.

Container resource usage

Shed light on overall status of containers in a Kubernetes project and information on container usage volume.

Look up meta Information

Check out the meta information effortlessly in the cluster without having to access the terminal.


Determine the root cause real-time and analyze simultaneously.
Active Transaction

Instantly visualize the exact number of transactions, detailed list, and even stacks that are in progress.

Transaction response time map (Hit map)

Identify transaction performance at a glance, sort it out and begin analyzing.

Analysis based on patterns

Detect application jams and initiate drill-down analysis based on response patterns.

Transaction linkage track

Use the transaction track feature even in MSA environment.

Analysis of transaction call relationship

Deliver application call relationship in form of call weight information between URLs.


Integrated monitoring for miscellaneous DB on cloud environments
Compatible with miscellaneous DBMS

Grasp the overall DB service status at a glance, and view the current status in detail and past trends in real-time by selecting an instance.

Real-time monitoring and analysis

Active session status and SQL enable quick analysis and firm control over delays and locks.

Active session monitoring

Top Query is selected to analyze performance patterns and plans based on the SQL collected by the agent. Visualize analytic report on Slow Query provided by DBMS.

Slow/Top Query analysis

Observe multiple servers in action with bird's eye view.


Observe multiple servers in action with bird's eye view
Don't miss out on small changes

Distortion caused by the sampling process is minimized because profiling takes place every 5 seconds.

Resource board

Visualize operational summary status according to the server size at a glance, so the abnormal servers can be detected quickly and effectively.

Server compound eye

Server condition is effectively and vividly expressed in images.

Preset alert setting

Get alerted instantly without having to set up the details.

Cloud-specific metrics

Make use of notification settings for cloud-specific metrics.


Easy and quick site check, WhaTap URL Monitoring
Analyze website performance

Gain End-To-End visibility of your web performance.


Provide HTTP Status Code and response time of the first page.

Alert channel

Set up an alert schedule for individuals and customize channel, reception level, and time zone.

Why WhaTap?

Tackle underperforming factors at the sight of it. The Fastest Way to Fix IT Performance Degradation in Businesses.
ISO/IEC 27001

Information Security Management System

ISO/IEC 27017

Information Security Cloud Services

ISO/IEC 27018

Protection of PII in Public Cloud

CSA Star level1

WhaTap achieves CSA, international top notch certification for cloud security and privacy.

AWS Partner

AWS Software pass
AWS Qualified Software


Service providers who have deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes


Compliance with cloud comupting service information protection standards


Certifies good quality software based on international standards

SaaS based service

IT monitoring as a One-Stop SaaS-based service.

Integrated monitoring

Cover Kubernetes, Server, Database, Browser, Cloud, and Log all at once. Initiate all-in-one monitoring with WhaTap

Analyze the cause

Keep an eye on all delayed traffic flow and track them simultaneously as you see.

Real-time recognition

Business events are incessantly provided in form of images in real-time providing enough time to recognize problems and act against them on time.

Easy to use

Maintain a high level of operational efficiency even without IT monitoring professionals. User-friendly features and the alert feature will keep you notified at all times.


Focus on monitoring and leave data management tasks to WhaTap.

Pay as you go

Choose the monitoring service you only want and subscribe to

Grab and ride on WhaTap

It's all about Integration. Monitor scattered data in different platforms at a glance. Pick and go.

Determine the root cause faster and wipe out the risk