More than 1,000 customers have chosen WhaTap.

Santa Education

“When we launched the DidiSam service, our planning team remarked that it was the first time we had a trouble-free opening. The smooth launch can be attributed to our comprehensive utilization of WhaTap. We extensively used it throughout the development process, including initial functional testing and performance testing. We diligently addressed potential issues and filled in gaps to ensure a seamless service launch.”

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Balance Hero Fintech

“WhaTap, being a new product back then, offered simple installation and configuration. It allowed us to access the essential features without much hassle. It was a perfect fit for our needs, and the WhaTap team provided excellent support from the early stages.”

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“The primary factor in choosing WhaTap was its intuitive and user-friendly UI. We believed that APM should be accessible and comprehensible to anyone, not just developers. The intuitive dashboard and familiar UI of WhaTap proved to be incredibly valuable in swiftly identifying and addressing issues.”

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Carmerce IT

“With WhaTap, we could overcome errors and unexpected situations by proactively monitoring key metrics and data records. Without WhaTap, we would rely on customer requests, leading to delays in improving our service and operating in the dark.”

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RiseEnM IT

“I used to hold the misconception that domestic SaaS services lacked the capability to implement features as effectively as foreign services. However, my experience with WhaTap Monitoring has completely shattered that prejudice.”

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Paynest Fintech

“As a solo infrastructure operator, particularly in the early stages of a startup, there is a lot to manage and keep track of. While juggling numerous responsibilities, WhaTap provides relief by handling 1-2 tasks for you as an infrastructure operatorp”

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KB Healthcare IT

“KB Healthcare has restrictions on sending data overseas due to corporate policy. We chose WhaTap because it not only provides a domestic region, but it can also be installed in a private cloud.”

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Mini School Education

“If a small organization needs to provide quality services to users continuously, I recommend WhaTap Monitoring unconditionally. It is because typical monitoring systems are very complicated in configuration. It took less than 10 minutes from agent installation to notification setup”

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opensurvey IT

“When the DB zone was moved and it became different from the application server's zone. the latency is increased from 1 ms to 6 ms.”

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i-Scream Edu Education

“The monitoring tool can do more than one person. There was a plan to recruit staffs, but it was not easy to find eligible people. Later, I thought that the monitoring tool can do more than one person's job. I have a colleague who can do good job, and I don’t think the monitoring cost is excessive compared to the labor cost.”.

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Parking Cloud IT

Parking Cloud runs 4,200 parking lots in korea and each parking lot has at least 2 or 3 computers. Only the WhaTap solution can monitor 10,000 devices at a time.

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ABLE C&C E-commerce

“With application analytics and WhaTap's assistance, we can swiftly address performance issues and launch new services with confidence”

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Mecaro Semiconductors

“The key advantage is the real-time monitoring through the mobile WhaTap app, providing immediate alerts on your phone for any issues”

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WhaTap Customers

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