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" With the help of application analysis and the naver experts, we don't have to worry about finding improvements when we launch a new service or find performance problems anymore. "

ABLE C&C(http://www.able-cnc.com/)

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Application Monitoring

It seems more reasonable to perform monitoring as a third party rather than perform it with own network/system. Besides, It is a big advantage that you can always get it touch with WhaTap experts for advice. It helps to find potential problems and improve it by proceeding performance analysis in advance when a new system is scheduled to open or when there is a major change in service. The hardest part of troubleshooting is the part finding out where to fix. It is often easy to fix if you have a clear idea of ​​where to improve. WhaTab and the experts have been a great help in this aspect.

Do you want to know if your service is operating well?