Real-time Monitoring, WhaTap Application.

With 'Active Stack', WhaTap's proprietary technology, we report improvement points to locate the source of incidents in hidden areas that were not found in other products.

Determine the root cause real-time and analyze simultaneously.

View ongoing transactions status in real-time. Most application issues occur due to an increase in ongoing transactions. When transactions increase, immediately check SQL, external calls, and method stacks, and make it faster to recognize issues and find the root cause.

Deep Dive into Transaction performance

Track and collect the historical trends of all transactions to analyze. Track down transaction performance to the method level, not only SQLs and HTTP calls. With Active Stack, significantly cut downtime by skipping profiling and find root cause with method-level analysis stacked every 5 seconds.

* Active Stack is supported only in Java and Python.

MSA call pattern analysis

WhaTap visualizes the ratio of calls based on the transaction URL for the relation between complex applications that have the MSA structure. This enables you to view the call relations and change of call ratios.


whatap AI pattern analsys
AI-based response distribution pattern analysis

WhaTap automatically recognizes specific patterns through machine learning and sends alert notifications. We will inform every single issue that you didn't recognize. (Optional)
application number : 10-2020-0037381

whatap multi-transaction analsys
Multi-project transaction linkage analysis

Provides transaction linkage tracking in MSA environment. All transactions can be traced to determine which applications are experiencing delays.

whatap stack statistics analsys
Stack statistics analysis

Statistical analysis can find tuning points that are difficult to find in real-time monitoring or profile information. You can also select improvement targets through graphs and tables, or check response delays in specific time periods.

whatap cube chart

Check various metrics at once based on the time axis. You can accurately prospect the service status or identify element of incidents by specifying the time zone with higher error counts and throughput or longer response time.

whatap throttling

Keep service stable by blocking incorrect services or rejecting some requests if there are excessive requests that the system cannot handle..

whatap Asynchronous
Asynchronous Transaction Profile

WhaTap's unique BCI (Byte Code Instrumentation) technology effectively tracks the performance of asynchronous transactions. Collects transaction profile information for applications using WebFlux, Reactor, Hystrix, etc.

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