WhaTap-Application helps you find out everything.

With WhaTap's proprietary technology, called the 'Active Stack', it provides improvement points to locate the source of problems in hidden areas that were not found in other products.

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Get all the information in a dashboard in real time.

Show you real-time updates of current and terminated transaction information. Provides a visualized chart to accurately show the current status of the service.

Features of
WhaTap Application Monitoring

Easy and quick installation

The installation is complete in less than five minutes, so you can experience the service quickly.

Integrated dashboard to combine as you want

You can organize an integrated dashboard screen with information that you want to get into your projects.

Seamless method analysis

We have an active stack analysis technology that identifies hidden issues at the method level. This has been patented, and proven to be a number of cases.

Instantly check structure with topology

Conveniently view the relationship information in three types: integrated topology, group topology, and application topology.

Machine learning-based response pattern recognition

With Machine learning technolony, analyse hitmap patterns and recognize unstable applications and alert you.

Support platform

  • bare_metal


  • gke


  • eks


  • aks


  • dotnet


Simply install in 5 steps
in less than 5 minutes

  • Sign up
  • Create a project and get a license
  • Installing the Agent
  • Restart Service
  • After 5 seconds, check data