All container information
With WhaTap Kubernetes Monitoring

WhaTap Kubernetes Monitoring guarantees operational quality and handle incidents quickly through collecting resource output and transaction information.

Container Dashboard

WhaTap Kubernetes Monitoring provides a dashboard that allows you to see the deployment status of Nodes, Services, Pods, and Containers at a single glance in Kubernetes environment. Users can organize the dashboard by grouping them into the units you want (Node, RS, Image, Pod).

Application Dashboard

WhaTap Kubernetes Monitoring provides a multi-service dashboard to monitor micro-application by unit of service type group. Multi-service dashboard performs effectively when monitoring applications by each business type.

Application topology

Application topology provides micro-applications or application groups, database and system calls, and inbound call relationships in a real-time topology. You can check abnormality in the topology through the emphasis function based on the threshold of number of error calls and the average response time.

Resource Monitoring

The Kubernetes dashboard can monitor the resource status of Nodes and Containers in the Kubernetes environment, respectively. You can monitor the resource utilization rate of Node in detail and check the trend of resource utilization rate of Container through dashboard.

Meta Topology

WhaTap provides not only capability to inquire the meta topology between Kubernetes managed resources-Deployment, Service, ReplicaSet, Pod, Node and PV - but also visualize it in diagrams.


kubernetes Root Cause Analysis
Identify all correlations at once

Solve 'Root Cause Analysis' by monitoring the host, container, and application all together.

MSA service analsys
Analysis call relationship in MSA

WhaTap Kubernetes Monitoring tracks the API call relationship of transactions in a POD-level application environment.

Kuberentes intergration monitoring
Integrated monitoring based on Kubernetes

Kubernetes Integrated Monitoring supports multi-cloud and hybrid cloud.

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