WhaTab-Server shows real-time, without distortion.

The know-how of the best monitoring professional development teams minimizes CPU usage and pinpoint the instantaneous rise in resources and obstacles over other monitoring products in the one-minute cycle.

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  • Easily manage your servers with various dashboards.

    • Identify all statuses
    • Notify per process
    • Compare servers
    • Multiple dashboards for integrated monitoring make it easy to see the overall status of your system in real time, even on more than 1000 servers.
    • You can set a minimum/maximum threshold for the number of specific processes, CPU usage, and memory usage. You can apply the same alert policy to multiple servers.
    • Select the indicators you want to see and analyze the situation in a composite way. Provides the ability to select and compare specific servers.

  • Features of
    WhaTap Server Monitoring

    Easy and quick installation

    It can be installed in less than a minute, and can be applied in an environment where adoption is urgent.

    Easy setup and quick application

    Intuitive screen configuration for easy monitoring without extra training.

    Detect changes in detail

    Collects in 5 seconds for transient metrics such as CPU, disk I/O. Provides 20 second-period process monitoring.

    Cloud, physical server, Hybrid environment OK

    Beyond physical servers, you can monitor a variety of cloud environments, including AWS, Azure, GCE, and Aliyun, all at once.

    Support platform

    • Windows Server 2008 R2
    • Windows 7 +
    whatap_server_windows whatap_server_windows
    CentOS / RedHat
    • CentOS(5, 6, 7) & RedHat
    • Amazon AMI Linux also supported
    whatap_server_windows whatap_server_windows
    Ubuntu / Debian
    • Ubuntu(12.0.4 +)
    • Debian(6.0 +)

    Simply install in 5 steps
    in less than 5 minutes

    • Sign up
    • Create a project and get a license
    • Installing the Agent
    • Restart Service
    • After 5 seconds, check data