Ready-to-install Whatap database monitoring
without database installation.

By monitoring the performance of the database in real time, and diagnosing and analyzing the problem, you can tune and apply the SQL in question to see if the problem has been solved.

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  • Easily monitor
    your database monitoring

    • Realtime monitoring
    • follow-up tests
    • You can easily check the performance indicators, running queries, and events in real time. In addition, the indicators in the database can be quickly sorted by category and preview function.
    • You can check the query that was being executed at the time by specifying the trend of the database by date and a specific point in time. In addition, you can quickly select the indicators that were affected by the preview function.

  • Why
    WhaTap Database Monitoring?

    Simple monitoring structure

    Installation is simple because it is a monitoring structure that can be applied immediately without install on the DB servers.

    WhaTap SaaS

    You can monitor the database immediately with a simple installation process (also available as an installation type).

    Cloud DB Monitoring

    Cloud DB with limited DB server access can be monitored in the same way.

    APM + DB intergated monitoring

    Application and DB integration and linkage monitoring can be performed.

    Support platform

    • mySQL


    • ORACLE


    • MSSQL


    • MariaDB


    • PostgresSQL


    • Timax Tibero

      Timax Tibero

    • CUBRID


    • Altibase


    Simply install in 5 steps
    in less than 5 minutes

    • Sign up
    • Create a project and get a license
    • Installing the Agent
    • Restart Service
    • After 5 seconds, check data