WhaTap Log Monitoring

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Whatap Log Monitoring Features

WhaTap's monitoring solutions are closely linked to each other. This weblike connectivity, with the help of the logs, enables effective and accurate track down of the root cause

Integrated log monitoring

Logs from thousands of servers and containers can be consolidated, viewed, and searched in the WhaTap console without having to access them directly
This not only increases operational efficiency, but also improves quality by reducing missed checks of critical logs.

Analysis based on transaction and log

Logs for every transaction can be viewed by adding log feature to application monitoring. This enables fast and accurate track down of the root cause.

Set the option and see it move

Start collecting logs right away by simply enabling the log option to the WhaTap agent that is curretly in use.

Reasonable price

$0.04 per million log units based on the amount of logs collected.

Key features

WhaTap Log monitoring supports an optimized environment for data analytics to resolve variety of questions.

Live tail

The live tail screen saves users the trouble of accessing the server console and viewing the contents of the log file via the tail command, and makes it easy to view the log data stream on the monitoring screen

Filters can be applied to sift through a large number of logs to see only the ones needed, and highlighting quickly nevigates users in the heap of logs Turn on screen reader support To enable screen reader support, press ⌘+Option+Z To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press ⌘slash

Log trend

The trend in the number of occurrences of logs categorized by type shows the patterns error types, and detailed log data at specific time can be viewed

The highlight feature enables quick identification of the targeting log

Log search

Find specific log values out of massive logs

Set multiple search criteria with parsed keys and values. Extract and view only the log data that matches criteria.

Log parsing

Parser registration feature enables efficient search and navigation of log data

JSON parser and ` parser (regular expression pattern) can be registered, which parse data in key/value form, allowing you to quickly categorize log types and extract only the desired logs via the live Tail, Log Trends, and Log Finder screens.

Supported platforms

WhaTap log monitoring supports the following services.

  • Application
  • Server
  • Kubernetes

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