WhaTap Browser Monitoring

Maximize customer trust by increasing visibility on application’s frontend performance from the perspective of real users

Enhance customer satisfaction and earn trust by quickly identifying web service delays, errors, and other factors that directly impact web service quality with Watap Browser Monitoring.

Browser monitoring?

"A pleasant web service is prerequisite to business growth. Identify frontend issues, pinpoint impacted services, and resolve errors to maintain your reputation."

Identify the root cause of slow load times and services that need improvement

Browser monitoring can help identify services in need of improvement including images, text, and video impacting your web services to JavaScript errors and CSS.

Pinpoint frontend errors real-time

By identifying the exact error at the source code level, you can improve customer experience with your web service.

Assess and resolve issues with an end-to-end view of user experience

Browser monitoring provides a clear view on the environment your customers and also history of errors in your web service. Monitor and troubleshoot web service anomalies from the perspective of real users.

Reduce communication barriers between developers and non-developers

Browser Monitoring can help sales, marketing, and even service planners - the people most directly impacted by web service quality - communicate service failure points to developers, reducing technical communication barriers and increasing customer confidence.

Key features of WhaTap Web Browser Monitoring

"WhaTap Browser Monitoring allows you to monitor the usability of your website from the end user's point of view,
We provide the following services to monitor the end user's experience."

View page load in detail

Time spent on each section of the page is provided in form of graphs and charts so you can quickly detect poor user experience and resolve issues with context from across the stack.

Resource list

The resource list enables quick identification of resources that are slow to load or have large file sizes. It provides a timeline chart based on the start time of each resource, so you can identify the resources causing the delay and improve browser performance.

View AJAX information in detail

You can see the elapsed time of the problematic AJAX, the AJAX URL, page URL, browser, status code, error message, and more. With the AJAX URL, you can determine which AJAX call caused the issue and which users are experiencing the issue so you can quickly troubleshoot and improve your service.

View region-specific page load information

Metrics such as page load duration and page load counts by region are provided in map charts. Pinpoint regions with delay and avail a faster and reliable service.

Core web vital

Core web vitals are important metrics about a web page's performance as defined by Google, including page load time, response time, rendering time, and user interaction time. Collecting and analyzing such information can help your website achieve better exposure.

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