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How do you manage unscheduled incidents?

  • The average loss of Incident is 26 million dollars per hour- Gartner
  • An annual cost of 618 billion won is incurred due to IT service outage in North America- IHS

Outages and Unavailability happens all the time because human error and natural disasters cannot be prevented.

  • Enterprises experience an average of 5 failures per month, with an average of 27 hours of service interruption per month. – Gartner
  • Monitoring analysis service provides both monitoring for outage prevention and data analysis for root cause analysis.


24/7 healthcare solution WhaTap monitoring for your IT services.

We offer insight to progress system stability by providing monitoring and analysis services for developers and operators in Cloud environment.


SaaS-based real-time monitoring service for the health of IT services.

SaaS-based real-time monitoring service for the (successful IT services/IT service availability) SaaS monitoring service is new trends as with the transition from offline-based market to online shopping mall business.

Face-to-face service (On-Premes)

  • Available only on PCs designated in-house
  • High cost available only for some businesses
  • Average introduction period 3 months
  • Not suitable for cloud environment
  • AI data learning processing impossible

Contactless service (SaaS)

  • PC and mobile access anytime, anywhere
  • Reasonable cost
  • Can be applied immediately within 5 minutes
  • Suitable for cloud environment
  • AI data learning is available

Intergrated Monitoring

Integrated monitoring across multiple platforms.

The primary purpose of the WhaTap monitoring service is to share resources (human and physical). Existing products need building separate collection servers and web screens for each monitoring target. However, WhaTap monitoring service is a structure that shares the collection server, while preserving the independence of each service. To achieve integrated management, the monitoring server must have flexible scalabilty and provide multi-tenant capabilities.


Get a bird’s eye view of data you need with Integrated Monitoring capabilities.

WhaTap provides integrated monitoring capablities by applying technology for data storage and inquiry based on the accumulated dashboard operation experience. 'Flex board' is a dashboard that can perform to meet the user's needs. Build a custom board on your own or use curated templates for easy initial setup and change it later. he 'Integrated Metric Board' advances the integrated dashboard to provide more personalized features in terms of metrics selection and chart properties.


Multi-region enables integrated monitoring across multiple geographic areas.

All you need is to install a collection server, then you can perform an integrated monitoring multi-region server in a single screen. Monitor group affiliates on a single screen.

* WhaTap monitoring can extend the collection server just by establishing an additional region, without establishing IDC centers or additional cloud platforms.


Scalable & Stable Collection Server Architecture

Scalability of the server is the most fundamental property of Integrated Monitoring. Monitoring servers must have internal scalability to accommodate the growing number of managed (monitoring) target servers. WhaTap monitoring servers consists of micro-application, and maintain a distributed environment with low coupling to ensure scalability. We also support redundancy and data recovery to ensure data reliability.


DevOps and Monitoring

Monitoring is one of the many tools required to create DevOps. In the DevOps, the monitoring service measures everything relevant to the entire process, including planning, development, build, testing, release, and deployment. Developers and operators consolidate and automate processes across development and operations, meanwhile, you can speed up and stabilize your service by measuring automated processes through monitoring service.

software quality

Software quality

  • Error rate
  • Operating rate
  • Application response time
  • Database response time
infra quality

Infrastructure quality

  • Resource utilization rate
  • Resource operating rate
  • Process utilization rate
business quality


  • Current visitor information
  • Daily visitors
  • Weekly visitors
  • Customer loyalty
  • Usage per Service page

WhaTap's DevOps functions

WhaTap Labs is consistently adding required capabilities for DevOps organizations to use monitoring. WhaTap Labs' monitoring service has a multi-tenant structure that enables developers and operators to view the same monitoring data regardless of position and responsibility.


Multi-tenant, independent but complete collaboration.

WhaTap enables development teams to use monitoring independently, and operations teams to monitor it in a integrated way. With WhaTap, team/task independence is guranteed while central administrator can manage them all together. Central administrator doesn't have permissions for each development team project, but the project manager does.

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whatap report


We provide diverse report templates which attentive to the needs of operators

whatap code analsys

Code analysis

Manage outage and service degradation by Code analysis. Operators and developers will help you solve issues quickly.

whatap user invitation

Invite User

Share data anytime via Invite User. Invite the developer to the project and explore the service data together.

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